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Will I get charged to call customer service to dispute my bill?

Received a hefty bill this month and am really pissed that I never received an alert that I was approaching my airtime limit. I thought I had set up a notification, but now realise that this feature on self-serve is only for data usage. I want to call customer service, but just saw that I may be charged to speak with someone. Is that right? Am I wasting my time? My personal phone is with Fido and I always receive a text alert as I get close to maxing my minutes.

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There is no charge to call Koodo customer service. They only charge you if you get them to do something that you could do on your own on self serve
That's a relief - thank you! 🙂
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Isabelle Sayed wrote:

That's a relief - thank you! :)

Do you not use their app to keep track of your minutes? It's really good.
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This idea has been suggested some time in the past http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/add-alert-for-airtime-minute-usage Support it here!