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will changing to a less expensive monthly plan mid-cycle cost me more on my next bill?

  • 27 November 2020
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Will changing to a less expensive monthly plan mid-cycle cost me more on my next bill? I am asking because after reading the section Help >Billing and payments >Making changes to your plan section on the Koodo site, it seems to indicate that it will cost more on the first bill, but I don’t understand the explanation.  It seems to me the bill should include partial charges for the old plan (according to the number of days already passed in  the current cycle being charged under the old plan) and partial charges for the new plan (according to the number of days left in the cycle being charged under the new plan).  Thus, the first bill after changing mid-cycle should cost less than the old plan and more than the new plan.  Is that what happens?  Because the explanation is not really clear from what I read.  

3 replies

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What it means is that your data and minutes will be prorated. Suppose you change your plan from 6GB to 2GB of data three quarters through your billing cycle, that means that you will have only 1/4th of the data (500MB) for the rest of the cycle. To avoid this it is usually best to change your plan as close to the renewal date as possible, though you might not want to do that either so you won’t miss out on any promos.

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Also, the first bill situational and change your plan mid-cycle is different. 

Because you are already pay your service in advance, if you switch your plan to cheaper plan, then you get credit for the portion. 
Say your plan was $60 and switch your plan to $40 in half way cycle.  You will receive $30 credit from old plan. And $20 for new plan. 

But, as Sophia mentioned above, your minutes and data will be prorated. It could trigger minutes overage charge ( if you had a plan with limited minutes), and you get reduce amount of data.

Thank you for the replies!  I think I will stick to switching on the first day of my billing cycle to avoid complications.  Also after re-reading the example on the Making changes to your plan page, changing mid-cycle seems to tigger a charge that would end bill of almost double for the first month.  Not very clearly explained and not very customer friendly.  I generally like Koodo and find they keep things pretty simple, but this is disappointing.