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Why would they cut me off?

I had bought mine and my boyfriends koodo phone at the end of may, we have been having trouble with money issues and we have a tab of 150.00 our bill is only 67.00 and 71.00 and they cut us off, why if they said we have up to 150 before they cut us off... I want to know what do I do now?

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Your tab went towards the phone. I think you didn't understand how the tab works. Here's a short text that explains it to you : http://koodomobile.com/en/on/tab_noFlash.shtml Also, not paying your bill is the reason why you've been cut off. So you should manage to pay it ASAP if you don'T want to have a BAD CREDIT. And I tell you, you don't want a bad credit history
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Hi Katie... There are many reasons why your account can be suspended, the most common one is being late on the bills... When you account is on a past due, there is a collection path that starts, this process ends with the suspension of the line. If you are having issues paying the bill on time, it is very important that you notify the Payment Management Department about the situation and then you will be able to make payment arrangements to protect your account against any suspension... If you account is on the 200$ Spending Cap Limit, it will be suspended as soon as you reach this amount both on charges already showing on your bill and charges pending on your account for next bill... Just make sure you inform Koodo when you will be late on the payments!