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why was there more cash added to my cell phone bill when I haven't use it in about two months

haven't been able to pay for my phone . so I was told that it will be disconnected. my bill was at 596 . then I get an email saying that the new bill is 896.

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I don't know what kind of late/missed payment fees and or interest Koodo charges. You're best off contacting customer service directly. 611 from your Koodo phone. If it's been disconnected, you can reach them from another phone at:

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1.5% (or so I've heard ;-)) You really need to make a payment arrangement. Koodo is super easy to deal with as long as you keep in touch. They've probably disconnected your line and charged you your remaining tab balance.
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Yep, I would do as both Chad and Ivan have mentioned. Once you let things lapse for so long, Koodo will sell off the balance to a collections agency. And then you don't get to deal with Koodo anymore, youll have to deal with the collections agency whose sole mission in life is to get money from you. You have to remember that them disconnecting the line isn't a free pass to walk away from the balance.