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Why not build a custom plan based on what you're going to use, and how much you want to pay for it?

  • 23 March 2014
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I think it would be cool to build a custom plan with a point system. One would enter how much they want to pay monthly for their plan, and receive a certain number of points. (Or maybe the other way around. Decide how many points they need, and see how much they cost.) They can allocate those points to the resources they think they'll need in the amount they think they'll need it. For example, if I want to pay $50 a month, I'll get 500 points. When I set up my plan, I might not need that many calling minutes, so I allocate maybe 30 points to just get evenings and weekends. I might love texting, so get unlimited text and pic messages for 100 points. Maybe the only other thing I would want is Data, and lots of it. So I can allocate the rest of my points, 370, towards the 'unlimited data' portion of my plan. Flexibility, and paying for only the things you want to use.

7 replies

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This just doesn't sound like a feasible system. Also, unlimited data is not happening and will never happen anytime soon. It's just how companies like Koodo work. Also, if you are only willing to pay a certain amount a month, you can't also pick and choose everything you want in your plan. You would get what you're willing to pay for.
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Sounds fun. I like the system. But expect items to cost way more points. Like 250points for 500mb and 250points for unlimited messaging. Oops... There goes all your points 😛
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Thats exactly what I mean. "Get what I'm willing to/want to pay for." I would assume it can be calculated the average cost to the company per pre-ordered minute on the network, or per pre-ordered MB of data. All I want as a customer is the ability to tweak a plan to give me maybe a little more of one thing and a little less of another. Maybe unlimited data is a bad example. But if I have 500MB on the $44 Canada-Wide, but I want to use 600, I'd have to either pay for the extra 100MB or upgrade to the $54 plan. I would like to have the ability to possibly cut my minutes in half and reallocate the money I would be paying for it towards a bit more data. PS. Why wouldn't Koodo consider Unlimited Data or at least more data in their plans? Koodo uses the same towers as Bell (transitioning to the much more efficient fiber-optic technology with respect to getting data to and from the towers(the effectiveness of the transmitters themselves however, I'm unsure) so I couldn't imagine a shortage of capacity especially considering the 255 wavelengths per strand. What are "companies like Koodo"?
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Thats exactly what I mean. "Get what I'm willing to/want to pay for." I would assume it can be c...Koodo, IMO, doesn't want you to have the ability to reduce your minutes and increase your data. Why do you think plans are so heavy with minutes? Because minutes are nothing now and data is what people want. For your second paragraph, I will just leave it at this: best way to explain it is why give people unlimited data at a set price when you can make SO MUCH more money on set tiers/price points and overage charges? Just because a consumer wants something, doesn't mean it's a good business decision. I'm 100% for unlimited data but I'm also realistic in what I want. It's not about if they can, it's about how much money they can get out of it. And when I say companies like "koodo", I mean the big 3 and little 3; national carriers. Not regional carriers like WIND, etc. I don't care if you tell me that it's do-able, it's not a good business decision according to Koodo and other companies.
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Thats exactly what I mean. "Get what I'm willing to/want to pay for." I would assume it can be c...Ok, I think that makes sense. They create the demand by limiting the supply, allowing for an appropriate increase in price.
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Thats exactly what I mean. "Get what I'm willing to/want to pay for." I would assume it can be c...Unlimited data does not exist, except in nature. Even the biggest data cunsumming companies in the world, can only use a finite amount of data, at any given time. Wind answered Customers Requests for "unlimited data" by offering you "unlimited data" but with a caveat that clearly states that they can "slow down" the flow of your data, at the 5 gig mark, which has an affect on the applicational use of your data. So in terms data versus data quality my 6G/$60.00 Koodo Plan is better value than Wind Mobile, as Koodo does not slow me down at the 5G mark. I think as consumers, we must each assess the amount of finite data that we believe, we need and start asking our Carriers for those specific amounts, rather than asking for "Unlimited data".
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Hey Regan, we've gotten ideas about this before. It's not something we want to pursue from a business perspective. More importantly though, we're about simplicity, so having custom plans will only get more confusing which we always try to avoid.