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Why is there still a charge to my cancelled account?!

First problem: I have 2 numbers that were activated in April. My billing date is the 17th of each month so in deciding to cancel one of the 2 numbers, I called ahead of time to cancel on the 15th of the month. An email confirmation was sent. Today I reviewed my pending charges and see that there is still a charge to the cancelled number. Koodo is super sneaky in hidden charges and this is unacceptable. Please explain what is going on.

Second problem: I have my cellular data turned off - Why am I being charged for it when I have not used it? 

Many problems with Koodos and this is a company with practices that is greasy in so many ways. Looking forward to a response before cancelling the remaining number with you guys.

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Wasn't the charge for remaining Tab balance for your phone? How much data does it say you have used and how much? And what do you mean "you reviewed pending charges"? Did you check your Ebill?
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Hi Phuong - I see that the line was indeed cancelled as requested on the 15th.
Your latest bill that was issued on June 16th is reflective of any charges incurred during the previous cycle, and typically, charges for the upcoming month in advance. In this case, the line that was cancelled, does not show any future charges, but did incur long distance and data use charges from the previous month - see page 11.

With regards to data charges, I can't see how it was consumed (what apps/features/websites were used). You may be able to go through your phone settings to see if it shows what has been consuming data - if you share the model, one of the other Community users may be able to help figure how you can check this. 

Also curious to hear about the "many [other] problems" you mentioned. What issues have you had? Maybe we can help or provide some insight.