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Why is my daughter's account being charged $50.00 a month for the last 2 months for data when she is always on Wi-Fi?

This is precisely why I changed my plan to another provider. My daughter's phone plan has been charged $50 for April and May for Data! She never leaves our house and is connected to Wi-Fi. Not a happy customer. Looks like I will change her phone to another provider also. This is ridiculous! She hardly even uses her phone! She's 14 years old!

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Well Maureen despite what you may think the data IS being used somehow. To say she's on wifi 24/7 30 days in a row I'd quite honestly find that hard to believe. You should definetly utilize self serve more to keep track of her usage as well.

If you dont want her to use data outside of a wifi zone, then call Koodo and add a data block to her line. Or you can block it from the phone but if you do that your daughter can just turn it back on so thats why I recommend doing it at the account level. Edit: ps if the phone is an iphone, wifi disconnects when the phone is asleep (when the screen is off).
I would also recommend shutting data off via the phones network settings. Also make sure the "Smart connection" feature is off. Using that feature can cause a problem since it will revert back to the cell connection if the wifi signal drops too low.
We have the data block when we hit our limit but didn't work for my daughter
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One thing that often gets overlooked depending on the phone is some of the features that make data "better" on phones. I know my Samsung Galaxy S5 had a feature which would switch back and forth between WiFi and network data if the WiFi connection wasn't good. It did this all seamlessly and if you weren't paying attention you wouldn't know till you saw your usage. Sadly, as Ahmad said, the data is getting used somewhere. There is an awesome group of people on this community who may be able to help identify the problem. Otherwise, switching carriers isn't going to fix the issue. And it sounds like you already left one carrier trying to run away from data charges, but if you don't fix the root problem, your never going to escape them.