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Why is my card no longer being accepted

  • 7 February 2019
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Hi guys,

I’ve been paying my bill with the same Visa Debit ever since I opened my account. When the card somehow was compromised, I had to get a new one. Same type of Visa Debit from the same bank, just a different number. The self Serve won’t let me use this card for whatever reason, It says it is not supported. I also tried paying over the phone and got the same result. Any ideas?

2 replies

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Hmm in that case send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter or koodo.com/chat to request a call back. If your address never changed and it's still visa debit, I'd say there's some issue that a rep in billing needs to figure out.
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@IsaiahFurman You may want to contact your financial institution just to make sure they are not the ones declining the transaction.