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Why is my bill so high?

Why is my bill so high this month and last month suppose to be $34.00 please check and make any correction's I am not paying until you get back to me

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Ah... but you haven't reached Koodo, Timothy, this is just their public community site and the ones who answer you are mostly just customers just like yourself 🙂 You will need to call Koodo (*611) and ask them about your particular bill, since we don't have insight in your account. You could also check page 3 of your invoice and see if there is anything odd... could it be your first (prorated) bill perhaps?
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Log into Self Serve and check it out yourself. Click on ebill. Look at page 3. It'll tell you what happened. Maybe it was data turned on by accident. If this is your first bill, it's probably proration from the day you activated until your cycle date. If you don't understand or want to dispute something, you'll have to call customer service at 1-866-995-6636. Nobody can access your account here. Also threatening to not pay isn't going to help your cause. Just calm down and look at your bill first.
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Did you perhaps change your Plan during your last cycle? To minimize additional charges, it's best to change your plan as close to the last day of your current cycle as possible.
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You used your phone, more that you did last month, it's that simple.