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why is my bill showing a past due when i paid the last bill six days early?

  • 30 September 2020
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I paid my August bill in full on August 21 and it’s still showing as past due, plus I’m being charged a late fee. 

5 replies

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Check your bank account to make sure your payment has been made on the early date you mentioned,  Check your self serve account to make sure that your payment was documented (and when). If all is ok, ask for a callback. Talk to the billing department, explain your situation and ask for an explanation.

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@NRobertson - your account looks to be up-to-date, as there are is no past-due balance.
That said, your most recent bill was posted on Sept. 27 (remember, your bill cycle resets on the 27th of each month, so there is a new balance owing which is not due yet).


If you go into your Self Serve account, as Nim suggested above, you should be able to view your most recent invoices along with payment history. 

See screenshots I just took. 


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I Believe this  balance is new balance for Sep 28th to Oct 27th. That’s why it says “ Late payment fee will apply if you pay after Oct 22nd”

If you log into self serve and download PDF Ebill, then you will see correct information.  But your billing date is 27th of the month and it means your Ebill might not ready yet. It usually takes 3-5 business days to update.  

Also, those screenshots are showing that you received your August invoice and they received it payment on Sep 29th.  Now they generate for September  invoice  and it amount is $90.40 and due date is Oct 22nd.


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You just paid yesterday so it takes time for that screen to update in Koodo’s system.

I agree with Mayumi.  Just download your detailed pdf ebills and follow that  and you should be fine.