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Why is my bill not showing as paid

  • 19 November 2020
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My last monthly bill was due November 12th, but like always I paid it the day I received the bill, which was back on October 27. My Koodo account even shows payment was received on that day, yet it's also still showing that I owe the full amount, as if I didn't pay it in the first place. It's November 19.

I can't find a number or email to contact someone with Koodo to get this sorted, so any advice is appreciated.

Thank you. 

5 replies

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Where do you see it says you still owe full amount?

If it’s PDF Ebill, it doesn’t update.

What does “Balance due” under billing says? 

Ill attach a screenshot from self serve.  My balance says $154.46. But, I paid it yesterday through online banking. This amount will update in 3-5days.  Also it’s saying my current bill cycle is Oct 15-Nov14. But, it’s not. I already received bill for Nov 15-Dec 14  when I download PDF bill and that amount is $154.46. It might confuse people

So, if you see your balance is $0, then it’s all good. 


Hello, thanks for your reply. It is under "Balance Due" that is showing I still owe, a screenshot is attached.


You can also see at the bottom when payment was received.



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As you are already in the new billing cycle, that amount my be generated for the billing period of Nov18-Dec17. Sometimes, there was a delay in billing update, that amount should be due in Dec12 (not Nov12). It should be rectified in 1,2 days.

I would suggest you download November PDF bill and see if there is any issue there. Normally the page 3 of that bill should have the detail.

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I see. Your billing date is 17th. It means your new bill just came in. 
Your screenshot says billing cycle is Sep 18- Oct 17. You already paid your bill on Oct 27h for it.

This cycle will update within few days.  If your bill date is 17th, you usually receive your bill around 20th-22nd. 
You can download your PadF Ebill maybe tomorrow or even Monday. Then you can see all the bill info. 

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Did your previous months get paid propery when you look at your past pdf ebills?

Did this same issue occur?  If so I wouldnt worry about it and focus my attention on the detailed pdf ebills.