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Why is Koodoo dropping ePost? I find it far more convenient to have all my bills go to one place that I can easily pay through my bank.

I see that Koodo is no longer going to use ePost as a method to receive/pay bills.  I'm not happy about this.  I like having all my bills collect in one spot where I can easily pay them from my banking website. 

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Now they will accumulate in your inbox instead!  I, too, preferred the e-post billing, but my utility companies never participated, and now Koodo / Telus are dropping out.  Now when I get a bill, I deal with it on on-line banking with a delayed payment for about 3 days before the due date. I also set a calendar reminder in case the notice is late.

My guess is that it is cheaper for Koodo / Telus to manage it through their notification delivery system than by purchasing the service from Canada Post.

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ePost was a great idea but very poorly implemented. Too many arbitrary rules regarding passwords, etc. and spotty particpants. Tried to tie 2 different Canadian banks into it and cooperation was nil. No US suppliers either.

Looking forward to the day when everyone doing commerce on the internet has a unique number like a UPC and can report to a central site, with an integrated calendar, so that I can pay my local beer store and my mortgage by logging in with my unique number without having to chase statements all over the place.

dfbutt and I will both point to this thread as our legal basis for suing some immigrant American guys who actually have the moxie to pull this thing off.
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BobTheElectrician wrote:

ePost was a great idea but very poorly implemented. Too many arbitrary rules regarding passwords,...

I concur. It's a real shame. Just got too annoying. I myself generally do automated payments for most things and otherwise set notifications as there's always a set due by date.