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Why does Koodo no longer want to deal with customers?

  • 16 October 2020
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As most of you have discovered, Koodo no longer wants to deal with their customers. Good luck trying to contact someone to explain a bill to you. Nowadays they can't even be bothered emailing the bill to you, they just text you an amount and expect you to blindly pay it.  I speculate they have fired most of their staff and just have Bots. Pretty sad for a large company when you can see they expect your problems to be solved by other customers in the so-called "community". Really? 


Once my phone plan is paid off I will be moving to a better managed company.

4 replies

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Every other carrier also has forums. Perhaps Koodo leans a little more on theirs, but there's reps around as well.

Rogers/Bell/Telus also dont give detailed billing in email afaik. Nor do any of the ISPs I've ever been with. You get a notification and then you're expected to go check the bill in your online account.

Koodo brands itself as more of a self-help brand and if it's not something you like, you can switch to the “premium tier”brands. Not like the flankers have better plans anymore to make up for it.

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Koodo adopted a self service model which relies on their website, electronic ‘helpers’ and the community support. Other, higher tier mobile providers (Telus, Rogers, Bell) provide a 24/7 support at a price. If you need this 24/7 support and are willing to pay extra, the choice is yours. From experience, the self service system mostly works, but not flawlessly!


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If you login to self serve and check the PDF E-bill, then you get detailed information of charges.

Noone want to pay your bill blindly.  Bill information is available for you. Check it every month or not is your choice.

If you see something doesn't make sense,  it seems wrong charges, or couldn't understand what prorated charge(s) on your bill, then community members can explain.

If there was some mistakes/glitches in your bill, then you can set up call back too. Yes, if you want 24/7 type of support, then Koodo is not good for you.

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Your detailed bill is not sent via email for privacy/security reasons. Since email is not typically encrypted it is not considered a secure means of communication, and your detailed bill contains a significant amount of personal information, including your name, address, phone number(s) and a complete list of every number you've called or received calls from in the past month.