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Why do they alert you going over data 10$ and not going over minutes by 100$ because you have the wrong plan?

What the hell koodo? Alert me when i go 5$ over data and not 100$ over minutes?? That bill did scare me and i am pissed!

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That is a great suggestion EM, Koodo does have shock free data and it definitely would be nice if it is implemented with minutes as well. In the meantime, I recommend checking out your usage through Koodo Self-serve or by dialling #123 from your Koodo phone.
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I think that's because most of the people have unlimited minutes now days so that's why it's only for data.
Robert wrote:

I think that's because most of the people have unlimited minutes now days so that's why it's only...

I discovered what happened. The 100$ overage was on my husbands phone. He works away and last month he was on nightshift, so he was calling outside of the free evenings and weekends. It was a disapointing oversight on our part, however I think that theg should inform customers of extreme overages. At least over 50$
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Another reason there are fewer controls on minutes is that it is much more difficult to keep track of how much data you are using. A five minute call uses five minutes. A single website can use between 10 and 200 MB, depending on just what is loading. Many apps also use data in the background in order to keep software or information up to date.
I understand what you mean. However, going over an extreme amount of minutes obviously indicates the customer has chosen the wrong plan. It would be a curtesy to send a text. As I explained above, this was my error and I acknowledge that. But i would like to see this in the future, it is good customer service. Not required but appreciated.
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Hello Em,

The idea has been suggested multiple times, even by me. Never seen it implemented it... Maybe one day Koodo will change its mind.