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Why did I get charged twice?

  • 10 September 2019
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In my latest bill, I got charged over twice my monthly rate for a "Balance forward from your past bill", though I had paid last month's bill in full...
Last month my account had gotten overdrawn and I was charged a $25 dollar overdraw fee as a result, but later settled it all as soon as possible, thinking that was the end. Why am I now being charged both an ADDITIONAL full month's fee as well as ANOTHER $25 overdraw fee, on top of my existing charge for the month? This is beyond frustrating, as Koodo's customer support is seemingly unable to handle issues like this and give important info about it. 😞

2 replies

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@Kahoots When you say it was settled, what do you mean? If you log into your account and it says something along the lines as 'Your previous charges were not paid.....' then it's quite likely it wasn't settled entirely.
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You mean that your bank charged an overdraw fee? I guess you'll need to speak to bptg your bank about it as well as send a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or Dm via Twitter to get it sorted out