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Why did changing my phone number reset my Pay-per-use Data Saver?

I changed my phone number partway through my billing cycle and I was surprised to see the remaining minutes on my monthly plan plummet, but I was even more surprised that my Pay-per-use Data Saver reset. I don't use much data and most months manage keep it under 25 MB and thus pay only $5.00 for data, but this month I was charged $10.00 for using only 10.555 MB (but 6.441 before the number change and 4.114 after). This doesn't seem fair and I don't remember seeing any information about these consequences for changing my number. Is it worth calling customer service to complain or am I screwed?

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Sure I would call them, since it isn't matching up.
I called Koodo this afternoon and managed to get a "one-time courtesy credit" for $5.00 plus HST (although I had to argue to get the tax included in the credit). I was a bit annoyed at the rep's attitude that he was doing me a favour by crediting my account, but at least I got my bill reduced. Although I don't remember seeing any information about this on the Koodo website, changing your phone number mid-cycle results in your old number being removed from your account and your new number added, and your next bill is pro-rated from the date of the number change. The rep said customers should change their numbers at the end of their billing cycle to avoid this. (News to me, despite searching the Koodo website for information before I changed my number in Self Serve.) While only my Pay-per-use Data Saver being reset resulted in extra charges, I also lost a lot of my monthly plan minutes. Before the number change, I had used only 6 of my 200 minutes; afterwards, I had 87 minutes remaining (or 43% of 200, since I had 43% of the month left). I was careful and got through the rest of the month without going over my minutes.
At any rate, I thought I would update my original message so that others are made aware that phone number changes result in pro-ration and possible extra charges.
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Minutes are prorated if you do a phone number change, rate plan change in the middle of the billing cycle. It is under their service of terms.
Kelvin wrote:

Minutes are prorated if you do a phone number change, rate plan change in the middle of the billi...

I just read the Service Terms (under Privacy/Legal at the bottom of the main Koodo page). I see info about porting a number in, and taking a number with you when you leave, and changing your rate plan, but nothing about changing a phone number while remaining a Koodo customer. I know I must be coming off as very stubborn (and I may be setting myself up for a face full of egg) but I honestly can't find this info anywhere on the website, nor was pro-ration mentioned during the process of changing my number in Self Serve.