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why can i not speak to a real human about my billing issues?

It’s been ridiculous and frustrating! Koodo charged me over  $800 per month, and I have been communicated with the “Koodo’s Virtual  Assistant ” several times,  it’s going nowhere! This is the last resource that I could think of to contact Koodo. If still no response, It leaves me no choice other than switching the provider!!! 

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Have you been going over your minutes? You can certainly get help here or directed to where you can get help.

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Hey! Glad to help. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account that you could contact us from? 

My  plan have been unlimited calls within Canada since I was with Koodo several years ago.   Somehow must someone changed my plan to just has 450 minutes without bringing my attention. I have two questions: 1. when and how the plan got changed? 2. why didn’t Koodo notify me when the minutes were over the plan? instead just sending me a shocking and unaffordable bill  

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Because trhe CRTC ruled that it was unnecessary as it is easier to track minutes than data. I think it’s utter garbage but that’ll be why.


As for when and how the plan got changed, only people with account access can change your plan. Are you sure that at no point you changed the plan for a promo or something? At any rate, you’ll need to do as Emilia said in order to get help with the overage.

Hi Emilia, unfortunately, I don’t have neither.  will you be able to call me on my cell after 2:30?

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The 450 minutes plan was activated on 07/29/2013, then switched to $40 unlimited minutes on 08/02/2016 and the $40 unlimited minutes plan was active for only one day. It was immediately switched back to the original plan. 

We do not send notifications for going over the minutes, as you can always check your usage on Self-Serve. In order to discuss the details please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter so that we can authenticate. 

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Oh, I can schedule a call for you. Please let me know the last 3 digits of the phone number that I can use (from the Koodo account).

Hi Emilia,  please call ~880. 

Thanks for the details above. Was it a trick? Why was it immediately switched back to the original plan? That’s definitely not my understanding. I looked forward to your call. 

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I couldn’t find more details but our colleagues will be able to look into it. The call is booked and you’ll be contacted very soon. 

Hi Emilia,  I got the phone call from Jose Luis from Koodo last Friday. Thanks!  I want to follow up: Jose promised to waive extra charges from my bill, and said  the new balance would show up  after a couple hours. However, today I log onto the Koodo self-serve, it still shows the  huge balance, and I also got a text message about late payment from Koodo.  Can you please follow up?  otherwise, it looks like another trap for me!   I’ve  paid what I’m supposed to pay, and have done my diligence to  compromise, please keep your promise and do your part of work.