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Why am I being charged for the balance of my tab on current bill.

  • 27 April 2020
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I have been paying down my tab monthly and this month I have been invoiced for the remaining balance of my tab.  I cannot find anything on my contract that says this will happen.  I was under the impression that I would continue to pay the same monthly amount until the tab balance is paid down to 0.


Best answer by David AKU 29 April 2020, 17:04

You have created a stronger password for your account?

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3 replies

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Did you click to pay off your tab balance on self serve or recently purchase a new phone?

Are you sure you got charged your remaining tab balance and it’s not another charge on your bill?

I discovered that my account had been hacked.  They got into my account and changed the billing address and requested the tab payout.  Very bizarre.  I requested a call back from Koodo customer service and was able to resolve the issue and have a credit issued to my account.  

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You have created a stronger password for your account?