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Why am I being charged for data I don't use!?

Hi, I have two accounts with Koodo. One for me and one for my girlfriend. We both have our phones set up the same way, never have our data turned on and restrict programs from using data when not using wifi. Yet my girl friends account always has her being charged an extra $5 almost every month for some data usage and it's usually less than 1 mb. Why is she keep on being charged for data she isn't using? It's getting annoying and $

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Hi Jonathan,

Simply put: Your getting charged for data because she uses data.

The best solution to make sure data is never used on the phone is to call Koodo and ask them to turn data off of the phone by adding a data block to the account. However, this will also stop you from sending or receiving any MMS messages.
Data is off on my phoe but i am being charged for data use
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Caroline Sephus wrote:

Data is off on my phoe but i am being charged for data use

Can you post the page 3 of your bill, where it stated when it was charged. Just don't show your personal information (phone number, name, etc.)