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Why a data usage charge with only phone/5 test max usage

Over the last year, my billing includes a Data Usage Charge of between $1.50-$5.25...I only use the phone feature sporadically...no more than 5 texts a month. Is the Data Usage Fee for the texts since they are recorded on my bill as $0. ....JB

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If your data is switched on, all smartphones will use some amount of data to keep themselves up to date. Texts do not use data unless you are sending picture messages. Even then the data used is not chargeable.
Thank you very much for your reply....since I use the phone only for emergencies, it seems to make sense to have the data button switched off....I can turn it on periodically to allow updates....again thanks for clarifying...JB
You can turn on wifi when your're home to allow updates. The only reason a phone would NEED to have 3g data on is to receive MMS.
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John, you said you use the phone only for emergencies. Do you mean you use DATA for emergencies only or really the phone itself?? Depending on how much you call, you might be much cheaper off with Prepaid than a plan... but I might have misunderstood you 🙂