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Which month did i pay ?

Hi! This might seem like a dumb question, but i am confused. I just paid my bill that was due for september 11th. In the bill, it says that was the bill for july 14th to august 13th or something like that. Is this a bug or is it true? It seems weird that i am paying for july to august since we are now september 14th.... I feel like i am one month late? Thanks!

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Likely texts and calls minutes used , data used in this period but cell service etc for the following period
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You can login to self serve you can download your detailed pdf ebill.

If the bill was due Sept.11, this was likely your invoice received on August 21.  Your August 21 invoice should include your monthly plan from August 21-Sept.20 plus any overage from July 21-Aug.20

This video should help explain https://youtu.be/-OrlKWPqwu8