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Where to sign up for pre-authorized payment

I have tried to call, not open. 
I have tired to find options to create the Pre-authorized debit on my cc but I cant find that option 

When I signed up, they signed me up on it. Apparently not, so during my trip away, the bill wasnt paid and I'm going to have a bad record on phone service on my credit bureau.

Where do i sign up and is there a way to ensure it is proper. Also to take that off record?

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I'm sorry to hear about the screwup. If you're less than 90 days over, and it's just the one thing, the damage to your credit score is actually quite limited. When you log into self-serve, under "other helpful links" select "register or change pre-authorized payment." From there you will be able to set it up propertly and it will tell you that it worked.
Well unfortunately it is probably near the 90 day. There was no usage of any sort while i was away and the fact that I had already signed up at the time of signing up the account. 

What can your team do for me to get this off my credit.
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Hi Peter - Is your account still active, or has it been suspended? If active and you have a past due you're looking to clear, you can do so by dialing #123 from your Koodo phone and selecting option 3. With regards to setting up pre-authorized payment, have you tried Goran's suggestion above? If you're still having issues, we can try looking into your account if your comfortable sharing your phone number (We can mask it once you post). If you're not comfortable sharing it on a public forum, please send us a private message on Facebook and we can look into this with you.