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Where's my refund?

I've cancelled my account because I've left the country for good, and I've been told that I was gonna have a refund for the days I didn't use the phone (15 days), but I haven't received anything yet.

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Usually if you cancel there's no refund for days not used. The cancelation actually occurs on your next bill date. Not sure why you'd expect a refund.
Hi, I also cancelled my account with same reason (Moving out from Country) on Apr 30 2016.
Now Koodo balance is showing as CAD -17.40. How to get this refund amount?

Apr 15 - May 14, 2016                         $0.00Monthly charges 506-233-0819           $0.00
Billed total                                             $0.00
Balance forward from your past bill    -$17.40

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You need to call koodo. They'll mail out a cheque for the remaining balance.
Thank You Timo... 🙂