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Where's my first bill

OK so I got my plan like two weeks ago maybe a lil more maybe a lil less. I know the first bill is going to be higher than usual. When can I expect it to show up? So far on my self serve its sayin there's no bill n it's moved on to a new billing cycle

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It comes after the first full billing cycle. So if it was yesterday for example, you'd get it after the 30th of next month.
So my bill won't be in until the 21 of next month? I believe that was when everything was switched over from prepaid to monthly . this bill would be the prorated n then the full month? I know she said my bill would be like 60 odd bucks. But didn't say when I could expect it. Billing ugh just a wee bit confusing at first
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That's right it gets prorated and then added on. You'd expect from within days of the end of the being cycle. Takes a little time to generate the bill.
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Hi Ann!

Your billing cycle differs from your day of activation! Your billing cycle ends on the 31st of each month. Your first bill should be ready in just a few days now 🙂!