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When you will decide to send me my paper bill? It is much ease to charge with late payement

Don't charge me for late payment if don't the bill

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no offense but in this day and age their really isnt an excuse for you claiming you get a late charge because you recieved your bill late. koodo is not responsible for canada post. Also you can log in to your account anytime and see what your balance is and also when it is due. you can also setup email alerts to when your bill comes out and i am not sure but i know they use to send text alerts but you may have to set up that up too.
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Hey Nic,

If you would like to receive your bill in paper format, you can set this Bill type on your Self-Serve.

Your ebill is available 24/7 on your Self-Serve. You can view your ebill in PDF format on our website (in the billing section) and you can set your bill notification by email or by text by following the next steps:

--go to Billing,  
--scroll down to Transaction history
--choose Change Bill type/Notifications (left of Transaction history) 
--select Go Paperless and 
--choose Text message notification for receiving the bill notification by text or
--Email notification to receive the bill notification by email
--Confirm changes 

If you have chosen the paper bill, you will only receive an text notification when the bill is ready. 

Many thanks!