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When will i get my first bill

Hey guys. I just got my phone online and i only just have the money to pay off the phone  sim card shipping and so on. Then the email states that i will be charged 45$ monthly. Yet after getting the phone i will not be able to afford that bill until my next pay. Will Koodo charge me at the end of July or in the next 5 or so days? or will they charge me my first bill right away?  What happens if they try to charge me and i do not have the amount of money in my bank to pay it off right away? Thanks

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This will probably answer some of your questions: http://help.koodomobile.com/help-videos/koodo-101/Your-First-Bill

Edit oh wait I see it doesn't really mention at what DATE you will get your first bill... your first bill will probably arrive shortly and will include the due date which will be some time in the future, so I'm assuming by that time you will have received your salary...
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Your first bill will be prorated. This will include:

1. Partial monthly charges that are incurred from activation to the beginning of your next billing cycle.
2. The full monthly charge for your next billing cycle.

Unfortunately, regarding the exact date, most of us here do not have access to this information and you would need to speak with a Koodo employee.

Please visit https://www.koodomobile.com/contact-us and click on the Email Us tab.
How long on average will the due date be to pay off the bill?  And also just to make sure will it always Email me my bill and give me a due date? Thanks 

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Devon wrote:

How long on average will the due date be to pay off the bill?  And also just to make sure wi...

The bill is due about 2-3 weeks after your billing cycle ends.  note that if you pay at a bank, etc there's also processing time you need to take into consideration