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When I access my voice mail using my koodo phone am I using up my anytime minutes?My plan is 'canada wide talk and text 20'

Wondering is I'm charged minutes when I access voice mail using my koodo phone?

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Yes, I believe it will use your any time minutes. To avoid using your airtime, you can check your VM from a landline or check it when you have your unlimited “evenings/weekends" time. 🙂
if you call from your cell phone, yes it will use minutes. As Ken stated, call from a landline (or someone else's cell phone 🙂
To check your VM from a landline so you can avoid usage charges keep in mind you have to press " * " followed by your password.
yes , press the " * " (star key) as soon as you hear the gretting message. The system will then ask you your password !
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To clarify, to access voicemail from a land line you have to first call your cell, then press the " * " key when you hear your voicemail greeting