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Whats with Customer Service?!

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I had to call customer service the other day and I had to wait 10 minutes! I find that quite acceptable. I forget her name but the woman on the line had the audacity to be nice and polite while I explained that I could only pay half my bill via online banking! She said she understood! Really?! How can you possibly know what it's like to not be able to pay a bill on time and in full! She said she'd make note on the account that my payment would show in a couple days and that the rest of the money would be transferred in 2 weeks. That was too efficient! THEN she asked if there was anything else she could do for me. That's all I needed and the call concluded. You guys at customer service do a great job. Sorry there's alot of people on here that dump on you on here. I imagine you don't hear "Good job!" from many people. "Good job!"

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This was a wonderful post to read, thank you for your kind words!
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Thanks John! Indeed we typically only hear what didn't work well. I suspect it's part of being human as it seems we are wired to see and speak about the negative far more often. The six o'clock new on any given evening is a good example of that. 🙂  
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Although I don't work for Koodo, I did enjoy reading that.  Glad to hear Koodo is working for you.