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What is "Koodo Mobile BPY" ?

what is "Koodo Mobile BPY" ? I paid bill for this month. Due date was April 1, 2013, so I paid it on March 27, 2013 And, I checked my bank account today, but I was paid again on April 1, 2013 It's written "Koodo Mobile BPY". what is this? why did they take my money? why was I paid twice? please answer

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Did you sign up for preauthorized payments?
You are probably on preauthorized payments. Depending on the bank or method of payment and time that you made on the 27th, Koodo may not have received your payment before the 1st (27th was a wednesday, 1st was a monday). But, look at the bright side, you now have a credit so you shouldn't have to pay at the end of April 🙂