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What is Activation bonus?

  • 16 June 2015
  • 6 replies

I am new to Koodo, and need some clarification on what an activation bonus is? Is it an amount deducted from the full retail price of my phone? Help!

6 replies

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It's typically a.gift card you receive after you activate your phone. You can't use it towards the purchase of your phone though. 
What can I do with it then?
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What can I do with it then? Well I think its usually a pre-paid credit card.
What can I do with it then? can it be redeemed for something?
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Depends which retail agents, offer activation bonus. Example: one Zhers Store retail outlet, may offer a $100.00.gift card for in store purchases, while another Zhers Store gives you an "extended warrantee". Activation Bonuses, can be as varied, as the Agents offering, activation bonuses.
oh, ok. Thank you so much. 🙂