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What does a guy got to do to pay his bill

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You can pay your Koodo bill in many ways:
  • Make a one-time payment in Self Serve with your credit card or Visa debit card. Payment is immediately reflected on your account.
  • Sign up with pre-authorized payments, the convenient way to pay your monthly bill.
  • Use online or telephone banking. You’ll need your Koodo account number. It takes 3 to 5 business days for payments to show up on your account.
  • Call *611 from your Koodo phone and make a one-time credit or Visa debit card payment. For your security, Koodo no longer accepts credit card information verbally over the phone.
  • Use a pre-paid credit card.
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Hi Aloysius! I see that you've been making your payments regularly. What is your question referring to? Thank you for clarifying :)