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what date does the preauthorized payment come out? Day bill is produced? or the due date on bill?

Just signed up for pre-authorization payment but do not see confirmation of withdrawal date. 

Is it the day bill is produced?  or the due date on bill? 

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It is processed the day the bill is due
thank you!  :)

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Just a note 🙂
I have seen many ppl mentioned that you will need to make first payment manually, then pre-authorized payment will kicks in.
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Hi Carrie-Anne!

Actually, the pre-autorized payment date is withdrawn approximately on the 15th day of your bill cycle (Bill Date plus 15 days). The due date is 25 days after the bill date.

As Mayumi said, it starts on your second bill and it will be mentioned in a statement on the invoice that advises the payment will be made by pre-authorization.
Ok ... so the employee has the final say! 🙂    bill date plus 15 days starting on may bill.   April i have to pay manually. 

Thanks everyone!