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We want to pre pay our bill, so it doesn't get overdue, can we??

Can we pre pay our bill??

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You can put additional funds. Lets say your bill is 50$ you can pay more than that & the remainder will be put towards your next bill.
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The koodo self serve thingy online only lets you overpay by 20%. It says it right there. But if you pay your bill at the bank I don't see any reason why you couldn't pay as much more as you want.
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As long as it's not a credit card payment. Online banking or bank tellers you can pay as much as you want which would get applied as a credit towards your next bill. I always overpay my bill by a few cents because an overpayment is an overpayment! Good for credit rating! 🙂
If you really want to pre-pay your bill, the simplest way is set up automatic bill payments through online banking, assuming you use online banking. If your bill date is the 7th of each month, you can set your payment up for the 1st and never have to worry about your bill assuming you don't have other charges added to it. The other option, not being pre-paid but just as good, is with Koodo self serve. You can set up pre-authorized payments so that when your bill is due, Koodo pays the bill from either the credit card or bank account that you provided them. Both solutions ensure your bill is paid on time. Hope this helps