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We don't get email notifications any more

  • 6 October 2015
  • 2 replies

We used to get email notification when our bill was ready, but they have stopped coming. We haven't changed our email and they aren't in my Junk folder. Any ideas?

2 replies

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This definitely qualifies as something that only calling in will fix.
If you're certain that your emails aren't going into your spam and you aren't receiving the bills.
Call *611 and ask them to look into it for you.
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Hey Dan! I would also suggest verifying if your notifications settings have been somehow altered in your self-serve account. To do that, log into your self-serve account, go to change address, then click on change bill type/notifications, and then make sure that your "email notifications" are on. You also have the option to receive bill notifications sent directly to your phone! Let us know if it works 🙂