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We did not consent to be switched to e-bill

I am really ticked! We upgraded to a newer phone in August and apparently were automatically switched to an e-bill from the paper one we had been receiving since we started at Koodo many years ago. We were not informed of this switch and consequently did not know to look online somewhere for a bill. Now we are 3 months overdue in billing and at the point of almost having our phones cut off. This is very poor customer service. We want our paper bill back as we did not consent to this change.

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While I sympathize, you should have still known that you were not suddenly free from paying your monthly bill and should have either called to find out or look in self-serve for what you owe. It's possible that it is in the agreement that you signed when you upgraded but I'm guessing you weren't told that it would change. I'd read it over to see if it said anything about being switched to é-billing. Koodo hasn't offered paper billing for a year so it could ebd up being posible that you cannot go back to paper billing once you were switched.
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The switch to e-billing would have been announced on your paper bill, likely for several months before it happened.
Timo Tuokkola wrote:

The switch to e-billing would have been announced on your paper bill, likely for several months b...

No, there was no notification about a pending switch, only a warning that paper bills may be disrupted in the event of a postal strike.
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Hi c.b.!
When you do an upgrade, you are immediately set up for E-bills and the store rep should definitely have announced this to you so that you would have been better prepared but this is not something that could have been stopped.  That being said, I understand that you have been used to paper mail bills but I can assure you that there are still good reasons to switch to E-bills.

Self Serve E-bills offer you the same without having to wait for the mail to be sent in. All you need to do is log into your Self Serve and download the PDF which you can print or keep on your computer. You can even set up a folder to keep all your Koodo E-bills on your PC for future reference. You'll also get a notification every month on your phone and or email to announce to you that your bill is ready which will basically replace the mailman.

Here's how to access your invoice on the Self Serve:
login to your Self Serve (http://koo.do/2eb7PAT) > View my bill > Download bill (PDF). 

We sincerely apologize for this mishap and hope that you will embrace the new E-bill 🙂