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Want to pay off tab and go No Sim -10%

cant appear to do it on self serve, not paying the money to call CS.

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I still have 50 odd dollars on my tab and would like to goto the -10% BYOD by paying off the tab. How do i do this?
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You cannot pay off the Tab unless you're cancelling service. Also, you won't get charged to call customer service if you're inquiring about something like this, disputing a bill, getting tech support, etc. You only get charged if it's something that can be done in self serve already.
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Also, there's really no point in paying off your tab to get the 10% discount because either way, you're getting 10%. You won't actually be saving money by paying off your tab and switching to 10% discount, not that you can anyways. Just wait until your tab is paid off and then you call call customer service at *611 from your Koodo phone and request the 10% discount in lieu of the tab.
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You cannot pay off the tab without cancelling the account. Paying off the tab to take the 10% discount also does not make financial sense. Koodo is currently paying off your tab at their expense. To save a couple of bucks a month you're going to spend $50 up front? Do you realize how long it will be before you see a net profit from this move?
Thanks for the answers. I rather it this way as I wont have to switch later when my tab has reached a 0 balance and it starts accumulating again. I will wait till I reach a 0 balance tab aprx 5 billing cycles
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Robert Moffatt wrote:

Thanks for the answers. I rather it this way as I wont have to switch later when my tab has reach...

After you wait for your tab to go 0, all you have to do is send a simple email. I did this as well and in 1 business day, they changed it.