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Walmart Employee discount not applied after 3 Months

I sent my Employee purchase plan form on August 27, 2016 with all the required documents. I received my two full bills after that. Employee discount is not applied yet. How long it will take.

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It shouldn't take that long. Maybe bring it up with your supervisor or HR department to see if they sent it off.
I sent that form and required documents. is there any phone number or email address where I can contact to concerned department.
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Hi Aay! The fastest way to receive an answer when you send an Employee discount form, is by email. If you haven't received an answer, I suggest that you resend it. Here's the email address:  EPP@koodomobile.com. Thank you 🙂
Thanks for your help mate. Actually I sent that email on wrong address. but now I resend it and got response. hopefull will get discount on next bill.