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Waiting for e bill.

my selfserve billing tells me that I will recieve my next bill in 29 days. I have not received my last bill yet which should have been received on July 7th. my payment dates are the 2nd of each month. Is there usually a delay ? it is now the 9th of JUly.

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Of you go back into self serve and click on View My Bill, you should be able to see your first bill if it's been generated.

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Also, I usually receive my Ebill 3~4 days after the bill date. ( My bill date is 14th of the month but I usually receive it around 17th~19th)
Thanks I still have not received an e bill its now 4 days after. I will get in touch with Koodo after a couple more days.
Still no notification or e bill on self serve. It is now 6 days since my notification date of JUly 7th.
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In order to view the bill, you need to make sure your email is set as an account owner, otherwise you will not be able to view the bill and under the billing tab, you have the choice to set up text or email notifications regarding your bill and data usage.