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Virtual Debit Visa Card for Payment options

I deal with RBC They have recently sent me a Virtual Debit Visa Card I do not know if these can be used as a payment option yest but you might want to consider it. They way it works is it pulls directly from Bank Account. If there is no funds then it will decline just like a credit card. It might be something to look at for credit challenged customers or ones that don't feel comfortable giving their banking info online for re occuring payments

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Many posts were posted to ask same question, http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/start_accepting_visa_debit
MatB wrote:

Many posts were posted to ask same question, http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/start_...

didn 't see them but thanks for pointing that out
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You can use online banking to make a payment. Visa Debit cards are currently not accepted by Koodo's system.
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Visa debit is kind of in a nebulous position in Canada right now. While its market penetration is growing (slowly) there are also groups like the Canadian Federation of Independent Business that are petitioning the government to impose stricter controls on Visa debit in the intrest of protecting Canada's economy. There were even talks to put an end to Visa debit altogether, can't say it's actually going to happen though. It would also cost Koodo a lot of money to implement Visa debit as a payment option just to give people a method to pay the same money they would have to pay anyway. I can't see a change coming until there's a huge demand for it and probably not before Koodo's parent company, Telus.
Visa Debit is a more secure way to have deductions coming from your account. Some people don't want to provide their banking information older people feel more secure. and it shouldn't cost them too much to implement. The foundation is already in place just a matter of a patch to their software. It's incentive to have more people to switch for creditly challenged customers. I am more intrested in a Koodo representive officail response while the information being brought foward is interesting it doesn't provided the company stance
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We now accept VISA Debit as a form of paying your bill and topping up. It couldn't have happened without Koodo Ideas. Thanks a lot guys. Cheers
Sumaya K. wrote:

We now accept VISA Debit as a form of paying your bill and topping up. It couldn't have happened ...