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Victim of fraud under my name

  • 17 June 2020
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This complaint is related to KOODO mobile who's parent company is Telus, I didn't see KOODO name in the company list so filing this with Telus.
I started receiving calls from Metcredit from July, 2019 asking me payment for KOODO bill which I told them I never own one but they didn't understand. Later on 30 October, 2019 I requested my credit report and found there is Koodo mobile listed under Collection section with Metcredit agency. I called KOODO in November, 2019 and explained that I have never owned their service and looks to me that it's a fraud that someone might got connection with my name or it's an error from KOODO and told them to investigate. Koodo employee assured me to investigate on it and pass it to financial department to work on it and he also told me to call me back with the update within a month which I never received any. Later I called KOODO again to follow-up in January 2020, and they said they are investigating it and will update me in a week, again never received call from KOODO. Later I called KOODO again in March to follow-up but same response that they are working on it. I called KOODO in June again to find out what's going on, same response the guy told me to follow up till today I have not received any single call from KOODO ever, now I am very frustrated with KOODO, as my credit profile is shattered just because of someone else error or mistake and I am the only one suffering from last 9 months and no one is really helping me out. Will be going to take this to the court if I have to, but I will not pay single penny to Koodo because I don't owe anything legally to KOODO as I never bought their service.
I would like to request BBB, please help me resolving this as this is very stressful to a common man like me who cannot apply for a credit card now because of this collection account on my Credit profile.
Feel free to contact me for any further information or details.

Thank you
Harpreet Singh

5 replies

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What is the BBB?

Sorry that I Entered accidentally,

as I complained to BBB business bureau, about my complaint.

please ignore the BBB part and read the complaint with the Koodo I have


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Hey Harry! Sorry to hear about your experience! For security purposes, we can’t handle this here, so the best is to schedule a callback on koodomobile.com/chat. Although I understand you already discussed about this with our colleagues over the phone, maybe they have a resolution by now. We do have a fraud department and I’m sure they are doing their best to prevent and detect these situations. 

sorry to say no one is doing their best at koodo yet, will be taking this to consumer court soon. Just waiting for another week to get answer from KOOdo last time.

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File a police report. Send it to Equifax and TransUnion. Also try privacy@koodomobile.com.