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I would like to know what is happening with my phone service. I know that my phone is making many "pocket dials" but that shouldn't account for the charges on my account. Also I noticed that it doesn't always shut off of data pack, but again I don't think that would account for the escalating costs. I want my bill rolled back to a reasonable charge. I have not added any services when I purchased the new phone, but the charges have escalated dramatically since that point. I haven't hardly ever exceeded $52 before that but now I see ( I haven't monitored it in past 3 months as was very busy [not with calls]). Also please cancel the data pack as it is not practical for me to have it and not use it.

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Hi Ray, This is a public forum and no one has access to your account details. You'll have to call customer service and see if they can reverse the charges. You can call *611 from your Koodo phone (free call) and press 0 a few times to speak with a rep. Hope that helps
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You also have to call Koodo to get a data block on your account. As per the charges, you can see the details on page 3 of your ebill. You can look at the usage of your phone to determine if those charges were legitimately incurred, or due to a billing error. If you did indeed legitimately incur those charges via usage (be it pocket dials, or accidental data usage) then those charges should be your responsibility.
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Depending on which phone you have (make and model would be helpful) there are ways to stop 'pocket dialing' altogether (e.g. using a lock screen). You would have no way of knowing the call duration other than to check your phones' call history and it doesn't take long for charges to accumulate. Data needs to be manually turned off when not in use. If data is left on, apps that require updating, location-based services and email synchronization will use data in the background. Most of these tasks can be accomplished using Wi-Fi and you'll avoid having to pay data charges. Keep in mind that if you ever want to send a picture message, you'll need data in order to do so.