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Very disappointed

I was with Koodo back in 2011 and was extremely disappointed. My bill was supposed $60 a month but I ended up getting a bill for $320. I called Koodo immediately to discuss the issue and was told I would have to pay the $320 first before they could discuss why it was so high. I cancelled my service with then right away and within a week I was put into collections and then forgot about it until recently. When I checked my credit report it"s saying I now owe $549. So I've been contacting Koodo to find out how I can pay it and they have ignored me. Has anyone else had a similar problem with their bill being jacked up?

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In the two years I worked for Koodo I handled thousands of calls, and not once did I encounter a bill that was "jacked up" for no reason whatsoever. The extra charges were likely due to a remaining tab balance, or for usage during the period between when you received the bill and when you cancelled the account. Providers also do not send accounts to collections until they have been delinquent for several months, as they take a significant loss by doing so. I highly doubt that yours was sent to collections a week after cancelling.
Well, unfortunately it happened. You weren't the one dealing with my situation so you can't tell me what I dealt with. First off, I only had service with them with one month so there wasn't a remaining tab and I cancelled with them right after they wouldn't talk to me about why my bill was so high as I stated in my post. I understand that you work for Koodo but as every one knows there's a bad apple in every bunch.
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Karen wrote:

Well, unfortunately it happened. You weren't the one dealing with my situation so you can't tell...

Worked, past tense. And only being with them for one month does not mean you did not have a tab balance. Unless you brought your own unlocked phone from elsewhere, or paid the full price of the phone up front, you had a tab balance, which is money borrowed from koodo to cover the price of the phone, which would have been paid off at the rate of 10% of your monthly bill. Upon cancellation any balance still owing on this would have been charged to the account.
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It's completely untrue that Koodo refused to speak to you until you made a payment. That doesn't and didn't happen. You can call Koodo to try and find out which collection agency they sent you to. But you're done dealing with Koodo at this point. They don't want your money anymore, they sold your debt to the collection agency. You have to deal with the collection agency. And it's not surprising you owe $549 now, interest occurs on your debts, even in collection. So I highly suggest paying that off as soon as possible.
Ahmad wrote:

It's completely untrue that Koodo refused to speak to you until you made a payment. That doesn't ...

Don't be ignorant things do happen in life and u were not there too prove that her story is not true. So do urself a fav this new year and listen too people speak before being mister know it all k
I guess you know me right? I guess you know the conversation I had with Koodo? Who are you to say it's untrue. Anyways that's a what I'm trying to do, trying to find out which collection agency they use so I can pay it, but I'm having no success if you would've read my post properly.
Some people are ignorant and think they know it all I have a had that same problem in the past and they wouldn't work anything until I at least paid some of my bill. The best thing too is call koodo and ask them where they sent and if they say we can't help u with that then u ask for a manager and stand ur ground. It's the companys felt that this has happened its the reps job too make sure they did the set up right. We are all humans and no one is perfect
Thank you for not attacking me like the others. I appreciate your feedback.
Np I find very immature of him too say that when things like this dose happen. And when someone speaks out too voice a problem they. They should listen instead of being rude hope everything works out for u
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Unfortunately at this point you need to contact the collections agency that is handling your account, and ask them for the detailed invoice of the amount owing.
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There are system glitches that happen that screw thousands of people annually. I know people who have had this happen, but not with Koodo (not implying it doesn't happen). Normally you would get hounded by the collection agency to pay it. If you haven't been contacted (I presume not otherwise you wouldn't be here), or your credit report doesn't name the collection agency, then you could indeed try calling Koodo to ask for the name of the collection agency used for your account. Or perhaps speak with the credit report company you got the report from.