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US Data Roaming Fees

While traveling to the US, I've used data for 3 days and downloaded 6MB on the first day, 6MB on the second and 11MB on the third. Contrary to the price shown on Koodo website of 5$ per 20MB for US roaming without add-on, I got charged 23$, 32$ and 8$ respectively per day. The first KB on each day was 5$ and fees were added extra on top for each KB. What am I missing here? Thanks.

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Something is clearly wrong here... You should give Koodo a call in order to see what happened while you were roaming! It seems like you've been charged on the old model..
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When were you in the US? The rates were only effective since Aug.28
Thanks Dennis. It was the week prior to Aug. 28. That makes sense now.