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US Data Plan Purchased - Didn't work!

I purchased the 3day data plan for the US (10$) and still got charged a crazy amount for data. What's the deal? How do I get that fixed?

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You only get 25MB for the $10. That doesnt allow you to do much of anything and if you were using data like you would in Canada, I'm not surprised you got charged a lot extra. $0.40/MB overage rate. Your charges are most likely valid. If you would like to discuss your charges, you can call *611 from your Koodo phone or 18669956636 from any other phone.
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In other words, if you got charged $0.40/mb, the charges are legit and there's no point disputing them. If, however, you got charged $5/mb, then the add on did not register correctly and you should ask customer service to take a look.