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  • 25 October 2020
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I need to pay a bill that I don't think I should have to pay. But it looks like I have to now anyway to avoid getting reported to authorities. Problem is, I never registered a Koodo account, and the system isn't allowing me to. I do not have access to a Canadian number so I cannot schedule a callback. Facebook team is ignoring me. 

I have also tried paying through my online banking, but the system isn't accepting my account number (8 digits) instead asking for a 14 digit one. I cannot find this anywhere, and do not have access to bills, since I do not have a self serve account. It is a vicious cycle. This is my only means of contacting anyone !!!!!


Please HELP! I am very stressed and just want to pay this bill now. 

Thanks in advance

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9 replies

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The bill may include your account number, if you can’t have the account number, send a private message to koodo via FB, describe your situation and ask them to provide you with your account number

Once you have the account number - You need to add koodo as a Payee in your bank account 

  1. Go to your bank account
  1. Find Pay Bills
  1. Select ‘Add Payee’
  1. Enter Payee Name: Koodo Mobile
  1. Enter your account number
  1. Select ‘Finish’
  1. Pay your bill

You have to be patient when waiting for koodo FB to respond. If you send a new message, you will be put at the end of the list of messages to be answered.

Good luck!

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@Harry GC  Looked through our Facebook inbox. Couldn’t find your post. Tried to look with your last name (if it is the one in your email address you used here). Nothing.  What is the phone number associated with the account? 

We also don’t have 14 digit account numbers. Makes sure you are not being a victim of possible phishing. It all sounds very suspicious. What communication did you receive? 

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If you don't have an account with Koodo, DON'T pay.  They don't ask you to pay with a threatening words like  " reported to authorities."  even if you are late.

Can you post a screenshot if email or text you received without personal information.  We might be able to see if it scam or not.


Thanks for your responses. I ordered a Koodo sim back in April, but it took 4 weeks to arrive, by which point I had left the country due to coronavirus. I never activated the account and was under the impression that, especially since it took so long to arrive, the mobile wasn't active. Ever since then I have been trying to get into contact to cancel the account with no avail. I don’t think I should be having to pay the full amount, as it seems very unfair for an unused sim that was received late. But right now I'm mainly focusing on just getting it paid.


The emails were from paymybill@koodo.com, so I think its legitimate. 14 number account No. came from my CIBC banking add payee page. When I chose to pay a bill to Koodo it requested that a put a 14 digit account number that appears on the bill statement (which I never received since I do not have an account). Every time I try to register an account I get a system error, so I think I just need to pay online directly now, and then sort out cancelling after that. Is there anyone I can speak to directly? this is a bit of a technical nightmare, especially since I have no registered self-serve or Canadian mobile number to use!


Thanks again for your help!

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@Harry GC  Under what name did you message us on Facebook? And what date? As I said we are unable to locate your message. Without a contact number the only way to talk us is via Facebook messenger or Twitter. 

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Please note that, regardless of comments above to the contrary,  my prepaid is a 14 digit account number.

It is possible that, since you did not activate yet, your account may be in some twilight zone where you are billed but the number is not recognized when it comes to payments. 

You may try sending a private message via Facebook, describing your situation (including the account # and requested $ in your CIBC billing) and request cancellation of your account.

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@nim4165 Prepaid accounts would not require a payment by their very nature. They simply cancel themselves when they hit zero.

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Will an account be simply cancelled if there is an amount still owing (as per @Harry GC situation)?

@Harry GC is trying to avoid a situation of an outstanding payment affecting his credit record. Finding his account and (hopefully) cancelling it and any associated payments due, should do the job.

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@nim4165 You can’t owe money on a pre-paid service.  That would mean one could go into negative balance, which you can’t. You hit zero, end of story. :-) Until you top up. 

Postpaid accounts don’t automatically cancel.