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Upgrading Nexus 4 to 5, will my plan have to change also?

Looking to upgrade my phone, I currently have the Nexus 4 and would like to go to the 5, I have the 2gb plan for 60$ that was on promo a while ago and a medium tab, if I do an upgrade and go to the 5 with the medium tab again would I have to change my plan?

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Hi Jeff, When it comes to the Nexus 5 you can get the phone on a tab small and tab medium. So with either one of these tabs you can keep your current plan, the only difference when signing up for a tab medium is that you pay a $5 tab charge which helps pay off your tab faster. Keep in mind that if you have a remaining tab balance, you will need to pay it off first before upgrading, you can do this via self serve by charging it to your next bill or paying it in store when buying the phone. Hope that helps answer your question. 🙂
Decent, I have had a medium tab currently so it is no biggy for me to continue paying that, just didn't want to lose my 2gb plan. Thanks for the quick reply.
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No problem at all, have a good one!