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Unsure about billing charges

I have just gotten my first e-bill. It has a $12 charge that i'm not sure why is there. Is it an activation fee?

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Hi there Juliana... There are no activations fee at Koodo... Since is your first bill it will be higher than normal due to proration charges... I will explain... Let's say that you plan is 30$ every month Let's say your billing cycle close date is the 15th Let's say that you activated on the 10th So on your first bill you will see the charges from the 10th to the 15th of that month (5$), and since you are always billed one month in advance, then the charges from the 16th of that month to the 15th of the month after will appear as well (30$ / which is the price of your plan)... So in total your bill will be 35$ + TAX.... This is normal and happens on the first bill or when you change your plan on the middle of your billing cycle... Check the dates on your bill and you will have a clearer answer I hope this is clear 🙂
I am surprised that wasn't explained when you signed up, that was one of the first things they told me to watch out for on my first bill, the prorated charges regarding me getting adjusted on the billing cycle. Couldn't of Said it any better Camilo!
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When you look at the bill in the Account Detail section, it shows you what the charge is for. Keep that section of the bill in mind if you see a charge you are unsure of.