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Unpaid bill? Collection agency? Koodo why do you hate me..?

  • 4 April 2014
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Getting kind of tired of your crap koodo.. Why do you hate me so much? On march 26th i got a final bill notice saying I was late on my payment (I switched carriers and forgot about it) I paid it the same day in full (Mar 26, 2014 CW KOODO MOBILE $68.98). Then today I get a letter stating they are going to a collection agency as of april 14th if they do not get the money from me.. I called the 1-855 number on the paper to contact there collection agency.. And it asks for my 10 digit koodo phone number... Well guess whos number doesnt work? MINE because i switched carriers.. Anybody know of anything I can do? Because i swear to sweet baby jesus they better not touch my credit for no reason..

4 replies

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I'm afraid to break it to you James, but your credit was hit WAY before the collections notice... Waiting months to pay a bill, collections or not, stains your credit report with 30day, 60day and 90day non-payment notes. Collections is only the ultimate outcome, but rest assured, your credit isn't spotless right now.
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David is right James, but you have recourse. Specifically, any negative debt allegations made against your credit score that is not supported by Court Order, entitles you to sue for Financial Liable. Just ask your lawyer for details.
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So you received a letter stating "they are going to a collection agency as of April 14th if they do not get the money from me.. " Does that mean your case is not transferred to the collection agency yet? You should call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 or 647-788-4337 and solve this matter. You also should mentioned you paid in full on Mar 26, 2014
It's not April 14th. It's April 5th, so why not call Koodo and speak to them instead of proclaiming the sky is falling?