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Unfair TAB Charge

Why do I have TAB charges when I used my own phone when I activated my account? When I got the Koodo account, I was told the TAB charge was for getting a "free phone" as it would be a means to pay the phone off gradually. However, since I brought my own phone, I was surprised to see that I'm being billed for TAB charges. What gives?

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How much was Tab charges? Did you get the BYOD discount (10% off from your monthly plan)? Maybe you are accumulating positive tab?
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Are you getting billed or are you collecting positive tab? There is no tab charge if you brought your own phone.
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Hey Susan, in this case your best option for the fastest and most accurate answer, call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone and speak with a rep who can access your account information and tell you what's going on. No one here can access your account to help you out.