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understanding the plan

So I just signed up and got this plan where it offers 400 anytime minutes, except after 7 I was explained it was free nights and weekends, when looking online I saw this: Rate plan: Canada-Wide Data Double 35 Minutes used. 6/80 mins.*. Your plan and add-ons include 80 local anytime minutes. What does this 6/80 minutes mean when I thought I had 400 minutes I can use during anytime before 7?

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Okay so what happens is you get 400 minutes over the course of 30 days. Since you just started you've not yet been assigned a bill date. or your bill date is very close. Probably within 6 days. Once that date hits your cycle will reset and you'll have your 400 minutes.
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When you signed up with koodo you will get prorated minutes until your first billing cycle ends. You will get your full 400 minutes starting on your next billing cycle 🙂